It’s started…

So, this is where it all begins. On paper anyway. The adventure has spent a long time in planning, in our minds, on Pinterest, on scraps of paper or torn pages of travel guides and magazines.

We’ve spoken to friends and family a millions times about what we hope to do whilst we are away, naturally everyone is jealous. I would be jealous.

We’re going around the World.

I’m Ryan and my better half is Lois. We’re both as close to 30 as we can be. One of us slightly closer than the other. That’s all I’ll say.

At the time of writing this post, we both currently work for a large UK Police Force in Crime Scene Investigation. We love what we do for work.

We’ve had and still do have a number of difficult decisions to make. What will we do with work? Will they let us go? What happens if they say we can’t have the time off? What do we do with our gorgeous CockerPoo, Teddy? How long do we stay in one place? Are we allowing ourselves enough time to do everything we want to do?

We’ve thought long and hard about all of these questions and we’ll guide you through how we’ve made our decisions.

Deciding to drop everything and go around the World, especially for a period of more than six months, is a brave thing to do.

Our journey begins on 23rd September 2014 – UK – Iceland – New York, over land to LA – Fiji – Cairns, overland to Sydney – Singapore, overland to Bangkok – Home (April 2015)

One thing we’ve both learnt, is that if you want something, you have to go and get it yourself.  No one else is going to get it for you.

Standby for regular updates…

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