Pinterest Planning

If you’ve not used Pinterest, you need to get on it.

if you have used Pinterest, have you used the maps feature for your boards?

We started with a glow in the dark World map on the wall, with scraps of paper pinned to it, pieces of wool to show a route and scribbles on the ocean sections.

We’ve used Pinterest for sometime and love it. But when we found the maps feature. Oh My God. This has made planning our round the World trip so much easier.

We’ve got boards for each City or Country we plan on visiting and when we see something we want to do or somewhere we want to go, we pin it on a Pinterest map. When we’re away, in the middle of NYC or Bangkok and we can’t remember where that awesome bar was that serves free burgers after eight o’clock, Pinterest won’t only tell us, but show us where it is!

We’ve managed to use Pinterest to give us some very valuable information about some of the destinations we’re going to visit. Not only must see attractions, but also places not to visit at night, hotels or hostels not to visit, where we can buy a discounted travel card for the subways, which days to visit an attraction so the queues are shorter or the price is cheaper. There’s an abundance of free food available to people in NYC, all you need to do is know which day and time to visit to grab a FREE BBQ or hot dog with your pint.

Pinterest is going everywhere with us. We’ll pin as we find new things and we’ll share all that we can.

Check our Boards out at

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