The Adventure Begins!

So, day one has come and it’s almost over. We said goodbye to our friends and family. There were many people we didn’t get a chance to see and we wished we had. We’re going to miss so many people and they’re going to miss us, hopefully.

We got to Iceland safely and we’ve begun our adventure. This place is beautiful beyond words. We’ve only seen a very small fraction of it so far but we just know we’ll love it all. Iceland has this truly magical feeling, or it could be the lack of sleep.

Now we can really appreciate what we’ve done. We’ve taken that step, that leap, that for many people is far too scary to even contemplate.

A friend and colleague asked me a few months back, when we were slaving away at a murder scene for over fourteen hours, “Is this it? Is this life?” and my response was “Hell no”

We work to live not live to work and this is something many of us forget.

Ryan and Lois

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