Impressed with Icelandair

Having used many budget airlines for many of our previous trips in and around Europe, we’ve gotten use to the minimal service on flights.

Our first interaction with Icelandair was at the check in desk. We couldn’t check in online so went to the check-in desk at Keflavik Airport. There were more than enough check in desks open, no one had to wait at all.

Turns out that we couldn’t check in online because someone needed to have sight of our tickets out of the USA, to be sure we weren’t staying forever! We wish. Check-in staff were genuinely friendly, polite and helpful.

Boarding the plane took about ten minutes from the back of the queue, not bad at all.

As soon as we stepped on the plane, we were greeted by a member of cabin crew who was giving each passenger a bottle of Icelandic Water. Not a massive gesture, but when was the last time you got something for free on Ryanair or Easyjet?

I was surprised to see a small television screen on the back of every headrest. Movies, music, television and a flight tracker for every passenger. Not only that but there’s a USB port on the screen, which means I can charge my iPad and iPhone whilst we fly.

USB and headphones connectors on every screen

USB and headphones connectors on every screen


Icelandair have reinvented the in flight safety message. The video, played on every screen, takes you on a tour of Iceland’s stunning scenery. The northern lights represent the emergency lighting. Check it out here, you will love it.

There’s a small pillow on the seat waiting for every passenger. Before you even think you need a blanket, they’re being handed out.

The seats are made from a leather type material. They’re comfy and there’s plenty of room. Ryan is just over six-foot tall and he can stretch his legs right our under the seat in front. The headrest is shaped to support your head if you want to lean back and sleep.

The staff are exactly what you would expect from a member of cabin crew, friendly, pleasant and smiling, nothing was too much trouble. Can you remember what the cabin crew on your last budget flight were like?

Each headrest cover has a small translation for common Icelandic phrases, and there’s little quips on the napkins, cups and water bottles. All little things, but great final touches to add to my perception of the service.

Your seat, or my seat?

Your seat, or my seat?

Free tea, coffee and soft drinks for everyone? Yes. Wait for ages for them to come around? No. Need one sooner? Just press the call button and a member of cabin crew is with you within thirty seconds.

Impressed by Icelandair? Most certainly. I just wish they were flying us to our other destinations.

Ryan and Lois

4 thoughts on “Impressed with Icelandair

  1. That leather-type material – it wasn’t whale or seal was it? 🙂

    Take the time to enjoy – sounds like a fun trip to be had.

    Keep safe

  2. Will look at using Icelandic Air next time for travels. Read the blog and saw the safety video and a very clever way of making you more reassured. Great to see visions of Iceland again. I hope you guys are having a great time

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