The Water Stinks!

You know that smell of rotten eggs, right? You do? How? When have you smelt rotten eggs?

We all know the smell. It’s like a bowl of wet farts.

Iceland’s water is from beneath the surface. Iceland bottle’s its water and sells it. There’s a huge spring underneath.

Iceland obtains 100% of its electricity and heat from renewable sources. 100%. That’s impressive.

The glaciers and rivers generate 80% of the Country’s electricity needs through hydropower. The geothermal fields produce the other 20%.The underwater geothermal fields are what give tourists and local the geothermal spas; pools of hot water to bathe in. The most famous one being The Blue Lagoon, which you’ll find over towards the International Airport, Keflavik. It’s a tourist attraction and will cost between £30 and £135, depending on which package you choose.  Don’t be fooled though, there’s many FREE hot springs around Iceland, a list of the top five can be found online.

Iceland sits on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which gives it some truly unique geographical features; geysers, volcanoes, hot springs and glaciers.  Wherever you drive in Iceland, you’ll pass handful of waterfalls an hour, easily.

Icelandic Glacial bottles its water at source. The water flows underground straight into the bottling facility, without coming into contact with the air at all.

Does the water smell? Yes. Does it smell like wet farts? Yes. Is it harmful? Not at all. The cold water is some of the cleanest in the World. The hot water is perfectly safe to wash and bathe in, despite the smell. You’ll sniff your skin once you’ve washed and realise there’s nothing to worry about.

Ryan and Lois

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