New York in Pictures

Just after touching down at JFK, on our way to the' AirTrain' which connects the airport to the Subway network. We had just spent over an hour looking for accommodation our on phones…She looks surprisngly happy..!
Two of New York's finest…Updating their Facebook status I expect…
The 'Kitchen' at the first apartment in Harlem..
Our first breakfast in NYC, huevos rancheros, it was deeelicious!
The second apartment was a World apart from the first one. It was a studio, the living room doubled as a bedroom, with an awesome pull out bed. We made use of the projector screen for a film too!

The Lego model of the Empire State Building, yours for only $10,000.

I didn't meet David Blaine at the Empire State Building, but I did take his photo…

Museum of Modern Art:

NYPD Police Museum

Artifacts found at Ground Zero after 9/11. The lump of concrete at the front left contains a service pistol.

Officer Safety Training… I'd give up two days on a weekend for this!

Al Capone's actually Tommy Gun

Houdini's House in Harlem



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